Report: WWE Signs Four More Former EVOLVE Talents

After purchasing the struggling EVOLVE brand earlier this year, WWE is slowly surveying its options and integrating it into the fold. Last month, Leon Ruff was reportedly signed to a deal by the company, and he’s joined this month by four of his cohorts according to reports from PWInsider. The newly signed WWE wrestlers include:

  • Current EVOLVE Champion Josh Briggs
  • Anthony Greene (Rumored to be signed earlier this month)
  • Brandi Lauren (Wrestled in IMPACT as Ava Storie)
  • Curt Stallion

Much like Leon Ruff, it’s assumed that these talents will go to NXT. WrestleZone interviewed Anthony Greene back in October, talking about Evolve’s premiere on the WWE Network and his gimmick as a “Retrosexual”

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