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Brodie Lee Doesn’t Give A Sh-t If Brock Lesnar Joins AEW, But He’d Gladly Welcome Him

Brodie Lee
Photo: AEW

Nobody eats before Mr. Brodie Lee, not even if you are “The Beast Incarnate.”

Brodie Lee has crossed paths with Brock Lesnar in a past life. As Luke Harper, a member of the Wyatt Family, Brodie Lee faced off against Brock Lesnar at WWE Roadblock in 2016. With reports now stating that Brock Lesnar is a free agent, Brodie Lee was quick to put out a warning to Lesnar that if he thinks he can just come into AEW and be the new top monster, he will have to go through several of the All Elite Wrestling roster to establish himself.

Lee discussed the potential of Brock Lesnar joining AEW in a new interview with WrestlingInc., who passed along the following quotes.

“I mean you have to look at every free agent, especially one of the magnitude of Brock Lesnar. From a business side of things, you have to look at that. From a professional wrestler side of things, I’m not sure that he’s the best fit for AEW, but again, I’m not management,” said Lee. “I’ve been in the ring twice with him. So I’m clearly not afraid of him. So if he was to be here, I mean I have a championship so if he wants to start somewhere, I’ll welcome him.”

He continued, “I think we got enough monsters here to be to be fair, and like I said, if he wants to be the monster in town, then he’s going to have to come through a few of us. That’s the thing man, I don’t give a s–t. If you’re going to tease coming to the company, then you have to expect this, and like I said, I’m not afraid of anybody and this is what I do for a living, so let’s do it.”

Brodie Lee also clarified that he has no desire to carry on Cody Rhodes’ open challenge for the TNT Championship now that he is champion.

“Absolutely not. I’m of the belief that you earn a shot at the championship. I don’t think a Warhorse or an Eddie Kingston did anything to earn a championship match. So, as I said I think last week, the open challenge is dead. Independent wrestlers on television on my watch are dead, and we will proceed from there.”

You can view the full interview with Brodie Lee at this link.