Bray Wyatt
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WWE Trademark Filing Hints At Newest Firefly Fun House Friend

PWInsider is reporting on WWE’s latest trademark filing, and it could be the name of Bray Wyatt’s latest puppet pal. On September 1, the company has trademarked the term “Wobbly Walrus” for use in wrestling, entertainment, clothing, and toys.

Bray Wyatt was disappointed to be without his Universal Championship on this Friday’s edition of SmackDown, but he did promise the audience that a new friend would join the show next week. In other news, Alexa Bliss’s dealings with The Fiend have led many to speculate that she could be joining both him and his alter ego in the near future. While the name “Wobbly Walrus” certainly doesn’t seem to fit with Little Miss Bliss, stranger things have happened when it comes to Bray.

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