Don’t Watch Alone! WrestleZone’s LIVE AEW All Out Watchalong (YouTube Exclusive)

We may not be able to get together to pack the Sears Center or big pay-per-view parties for AEW All Out, but we can share the event together which is where our first ever live watchalong stream comes in tonight with WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam inviting you the virtual couch. Get your comments on screen for free, no super chats! This will be exclusively on YouTube and will not be shared on our podcast feed, so pull us up on your phone or that second screen you got.

Listen to our preview episode here:

AEW ‘s Tony Kahn had tough words for WWE on today’s pre All Out media call, WWE NXT could move to a different night on TV, NJPW is kicking butt on two different continents. WrestleZone’ with our resident NJPW expert Ross W. Berman cover it all on this extra-long episode.

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