AEW All Out & The Matt Hardy Situation (WrestleZone Podcast)

AEW All Out was a show marred by an awful injury, a controversial match being re-started, and several great performances. WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam. Dominic DeAngelo, and Robert DeFelice run down the questionable situation with a visibly injured Matt Hardy getting back into action after a match was stopped, the new AEW Tag Team Champions, and what rose above the humidity in Florida. This extra-long episode also touches on WWE hammering down on contracted superstars working with ‘third party’ apps and the recent heel turn of Roman Reigns. Please note this episode was recorded early Sunday afternoon before we learned Hardy was released from a hospital in Jacksonville.

We also have post show media scrums with AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, AEW Women’s Champion Shida, and AEW President Tony Kahn for you to listen to as well.

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