Adam Page
Photo: Dominic DeAngelo

Adam Page Reads His ‘Adam & The Golden Horseshoe’ Children’s Book, UWN Previews Prime Time Live

Adam Page Reads His Elite Team Children’s Book

Adam Page may currently find himself being on the outside looking in at The Elite, but that excommunication isn’t holding Hangman back from instilling the moral of his own story.

In collaboration with Trism Books, Page (who still had the AEW Tag Title behind him at the time) took some time to read his Elite Team book, Adam & The Golden Horseshoe. He also keeps the video galloping with a fun activity for kids to cap it all off.

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UWN Previews Prime Time Live

We’re less than a week away from Prime Time Live from debuting which presents a card that is very NWA-focused and with a main event of Nick Aldis putting his NWA World’s Championship on the line against Mike Bennett.

In a press release touting the beginning of the series, UWN: Primetime LIVE Executive Producer and NWA announcer David Marquez had the following to say about NWA returning to the ring:

“To me, ‘UWN: Primetime LIVE’ is a pro wrestling fan’s dream come true. I’ve always wanted to produce a joint program that would feature the baddest and best pro wrestlers from different promotions on the same broadcast. This fan first way of thinking should allow us to present match-ups that you might not normally ever see on weekly television. There may be a time when you see someone from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood go against someone from Chicago’s Freelance Wrestling, or even fighters out of the NJPW LA Dojo versus West Coast Pro Wrestling. A major goal we have is to take newer up-and-coming athletes and present them in a way that hasn’t been done on a nationally televised show before. With this incredible new platform and opportunity to let the greatest talent shine on a worldwide stage, we are poised to create new superstars! Factor in the NWA Champions and the stars of NWA POWERRR and beyond, all converging for some of the most exciting programming possible. In my 30 years in both television production and promoting wrestling, this project will be the biggest of my career.”