sasha banks
Photo Credit: WWE

Sasha Banks Appears In Trailer For Season 2 Of The Mandalorian On Disney Plus

This is the way — Sasha Banks is officially in season 2 of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus!

It’s Boss Time on Disney Plus as former WWE Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks was officially revealed as part of season 2 of the Smash series that is part of the Star Wars universe. Sasha appears in the trailer for the upcoming season of the series very briefly but it appears The Force is with her. You can see the full trailer below:


Currently, Sasha Banks is reeling from being betrayed by her best friend, Bayley in the WWE Universe. Sasha is scheduled to be on this Friday’s episode of SmackDown to address the betrayal; her journey in the Star Wars universe kicks off October 30.

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