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Dana White Doubts Brock Lesnar Will Return To UFC, Balor’s Top 10 NXT Moments

Dana White Doubts Brock Lesnar Will Ever Return To UFC

TMZ Sports caught up with Dana White this weekend and Brock Lesnar was brought into the discussion.

White was asked if he has heard from Brock Lesnar or reached out to Brock Lesnar and White gave an emphatic ‘NO’. White said, “Not a word. I’d love to hear how he is doing but I think that would be the extend of a conversation with him. He has had a long career and the guy has made a lot of money. I just don’t see him coming back over here again at his age.”

With the consistent rumors that Lesnar should head to UFC or AEW, it appears safe to say that if and when Brock Lesnar is ready to return, it will be with WWE.

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Finn Balor’s Top 10 NXT Moments

Finn Balor has arguably spent the most time in NXT out of anyone in history and WWE is commemorating Balor’s most recent NXT Championship Run with a new episode of ‘WWE Top 10’.

What is your favorite Finn Balor memory in NXT? Comment below and let us know after you watch the video.