doc gallows and karl anderson
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Doc Gallows And Karl Anderson Want To Finish Their Careers With IMPACT, Want The Company To Build Around Them

Doc Gallows And Karl Anderson are enjoying their relationship with IMPACT Wrestling and want to lift each other up as they look towards the future.

Appearing on Instinct Culture with Denise Salcedo, the duo talked about wanting IMPACT to build around them, with Gallows saying he wants to help build the IMPACT brand as much as they want to help the Good Brothers brand.

KA: I want to be the World Heavyweight Champion at some point. Gallows and I want IMPACT to be built around us. That’s what we want. We wanna show people why they invested so much on the Good Brothers coming to IMPACT…

DG: What he said is exactly right. We want the company built around us. We want to be the champions, we want to be the top guys, we want to extend their brand, we want to extend our brand, we want to co-brand.

Anderson also talked about wanting to remain loyal to IMPACT, noting that Scott D’Amore has come through for them and delivered on many of the promises he made when the Good Brothers were being courted in free agency.

KA: We’re loyal guys and Scott D’Amore has always been a good friend of ours and the day that we were free, he messaged us within minutes of hearing the news, and it was like “When do you guys wanna talk? I wanna talk business now’. It was from day one and we talked basically every day. He came so strong and made a lot of promises that he’s kept. We’re excited to wave the IMPACT flag, we’re happy that we’re a part of them and we want to be there for literally the rest of our careers.

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