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Karl Anderson Sees The OC Retiring In WWE

Karl Anderson says The OC are with WWE until the end, at least in his mind.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, also known as The OC, returned to WWE in 2022 after they were released in 2020. They have held tag team titles in WWE, TNA, and NJPW, and they have had prominent runs in each promotion.

On the latest episode of Talk’N Shop, The OC answered questions from fans. In one highlight, they were asked whether they would return to Japan or retire in WWE. (H/t Jeremy Lambert of Fightful for the transcription)

 “I romantically love Japan,” Karl Anderson said. “I have to go back to Japan, I will go back to Japan. I miss Japan, badly. [But] I do see ourselves retiring in WWE, I see us as full brother WWE guys until the end.”

Gallows added, “My answer is that we’re never going to retire. It doesn’t matter where. We’re going to go back to Japan lots. It’ll be fun. We have no thoughts of retiring. Not even an inkling.”

Anderson then stated that, in his mind, he sees himself as a “WWE guy” until he’s “gone.”

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