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Liv Morgan On Revamping The Riott Squad, Rolling With Creative Punches

Liv Morgan has had a complicated run in WWE ever since the initial split of the Riott Squad. leaving the scene entirely for a time, Morgan returned with an ambiguous character and a link to the then-ongoing Bobby Lashley/Lana/Rusev marriage/divorce storyline that was tenuous at best. Following that, the gravitational pull of her former faction was too great, and she ended up feuding with her former friends. That has ended up with two of the three teaming again, with Sarah Logan departing thanks to motherhood.

In a conversation with TV Insider, Morgan talks about how she feels about Riott Squad’s return and her creative rollercoaster on RAW.

Here I am finally on my own and able to show the world what I can do. Then my long-lost best friend was out with double shoulder surgery. [The story goes] she comes to the ring, and I‘m thinking she wants to congratulate me [but then] she turned on me. It has been a work in progress and learning how to trust Ruby again. I believe in her, I believe in her intentions and pure. I don’t think she ever wanted to hurt me. I think a lot is unsaid feelings and misunderstanding.

While WWE has taken to calling the pairing of Liv and Ruby the Riott Squad once again, Morgan has a different opinion on the name and tells fans that they should expect a revamp of the group soon.

The Riott Squad is Ruby, Liv, and Sarah. No one else can fill that spot. What I meant by revamp was maybe going through a name change, something that is more fitting for us now that we are in an equal partnership where Ruby isn’t the leader anymore. That and the fact there isn’t Sarah anymore. So definitely an updated version of us is definitely due. That is what we’re working on now.

When asked about the proposition of another Evolution or Mae Young Classic, Morgan doesn’t dismiss the idea, but she states that women’s wrestling is now as hot as it’s ever been.

I personally don’t feel like I am shunned for any time or anything like that. I definitely would love to see another Evolution though. I hope that is something in the works. The first one did so well and was such a good and special show [that] I hope we have another.

Finally, assuming that she and Ruby can capture the WWE Women’s Tag belts from their current holders, Liv reveals her dream opponents for a title defense:

I’d love to defend our WWE women’s tag team titles against Lita and Trish Stratus. I think Ruby and myself versus those two would be awesome. Maybe a TLC match or in a steel cage.

With a forthcoming announcement on the belts coming tonight on RAW, that dream may be closer than we think.

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