WWE NXT Results
Design / Layout Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE NXT Results (9/30/20)

WWE NXT Results
Design / Layout Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE NXT Results

September 30, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Shotzi Blackheart vs. Dakota Kai w/Raquel Gonzalez 

Kai smushes Blackheart in the face. Blackheart takes down Kai. Kai misses a basement head kick. Blackheart and Kai trade pin attempts. Inverted atomic drop by Blackheart/ Blackheart welcomes Kai to the ball pit with a double leg drop below the belt. Blackheart trips Kai. Blackheart locks Kai in a modified deathlock with a butterfly lock. Kai counter with an armbar. Blackheart gets to the ropes. Suplex by Kai. Blackheart kicks out at two. Gonzalez gets on the apron top distract Blackheart. Kai suplexes Blackheart for another near fall. After the break, Blackheart nails Kai with a high knee.

Blackheart crushes Kai with her patented senton. Underhook German suplex by Blackheart. Kai kicks out. Blackheart charges into the corner. Kai meets her with a senton. Blackheart and Kaifight out on the apron. Blackheart runs up the ropes and hits a sliced bread # 2 on the apron. Both Kai and Blackheart are down. Blackheart landed on the top of her head. Gonzalez tries to get involved but Rhea Ripley runs down to the ring and attacks her. Referees break up the skirmish. Kai tries to sneak in a running big boot but Blackheart reverses it into a roll up for the win.

Winner- Shotzi Blackheart

During a split-screen interview, “Swerve” Scott says he knows he has had opportunities at the NXT Crusierwieght Championship but they weren’t fair. Scott is the only man who has defeated Escobar. Scott will do it again. Escobar says Scott is a parasite who makes excuses. When it really counts, Scott can’t win. Scott is ready to showcase to the world what he is capable of. Escobar is a fraud and Scott is going to prove it. Escobar says he has built this division in his image. At Takeover, all of Scott’s showcasing won’t mean anything.

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