Jim Ross
Photo Credit: AXS TV

Jim Ross Reflects On The ‘Positive Vibe’ About Yokozuna & Randy Savage Putting Him Over

Yokozuna was a wrestling star who was taken way too soon, but Jim Ross gives the big man his just due in the latest episode of Grilling JR with Conrad Thompson. The Boomer Sooner talks with Conrad for nearly four hours on the legacy of Yokozuna and in one passage describes what the locker room mindset was of Yoko’s immediate rise to the main event picture.

“I think there was a very positive vibe about Yoko,” said JR as he recounted Yokozuna’s big Royal Rumble win in 1993, last eliminating none other than “Macho Man” Randy Savage. “And a lot of the guys in the office or guys at the TV production facility were aware of the same thing I just described a couple moments ago, if Savage is signing off on this thing then it must be good because Randy didn’t tolerate junk. He knew exactly what he wanted, had no issue explaining that and let’s be honest about it Conrad, Savage being able to be bench-pressed over the top rope was mostly Randy. So for Randy to do that finish was very unselfish and it worked. It worked.”

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You can check out the full episode of Grilling JR below: