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Kenny Omega Gives AEW Video Game Update, Says Its In ‘Very Capable Hands’

Speaking on the Wrestle Buddies podcast, former AEW Tag Team Champion and man who enjoys cleaning things in Japan Kenny Omega had a few more words to share about the in-development AEW video game. While we don’t know who’s working on the game as of yet or when it’s planned to be released, Omega wants to assure the All Elite fanbase that the game is “in good hands.”

I can’t say too much more other than that I am working very closely, creatively with the team and every few weeks there are — they have very new, exciting things to show us and I believe we’re on the right track because we have a good team backing us with a lot of very good hands that are very capable and when I can announce more, I certainly will and I’m really excited to show the first little bit of footage that we have and again, it’s a little ways away.

As far as what gamers can expect from All Elite’s first virtual outing, Omega is setting the hype at maximum.

We’re not gonna be competing head-to-head against WWE Battlegrounds anytime soon, but when the game is ready and will release, I think it has a very good chance at standing alone as probably the best wrestling product, as a video game that you could probably find on the market. That’s the hope anyway.

Other topics on the podcast include more possible team-ups in the video game space between Omega and longtime gaming rival Xavier Woods of WWE’s New Day and how he feels that the Lucha Bros. are “underrepresented” on Dynamite.

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