Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Scott D’Amore Discusses EC3 Working With Ring Of Honor & His Deal With IMPACT

During the latest press call for IMPACT Wrestling, Scott D’Amore, Ace Austin, and Chris Sabin spoke with the press regarding the ongoing state of IMPACT Wrestling. Late in the conference, Scott D’Amore was asked about EC3 and whether or not him working with Ring of Honor will affect him working in IMPACT.

“Historically, wrestling has clamped down very tight on talent,” D’Amore said. “And sometimes having a very close relationship is great, sometimes it’s required, and often it’s something that both the company and the talent want. EC3 is a different talent, he’s a different guy. If you’ve followed him, and certainly if you’ve ever had a conversation with him off camera, you’ll know that he walks to the beat of his own drum, and…he’s been a guy when he got unchained, shall we say, from where he was previously, it was really important to him that he go out there and get to experience as much different stuff as he could, and that’s fine by us.” 

D’Amore went on to say that the company is perfectly fine with EC3 pursuing outside projects, and fine with him trying to expand his wings. “As long as it works for him and it works for us, we’ll let him in the door. We’re excited to have him, he’s a unique guy, and he’s going to be around when he feels like being around, and he’s going to disappear when he feels like disappearing.”

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