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Blue Meanie Shares The Influence Van Halen Had On His Life & Wrestling Career

A great deal of the world is coping with the loss of the great musician Eddie Van Halen who passed away last week at the 65 and one of Valen Halen’s biggest fans happens to be The Blue Meanie.

As a matter of fact, the latest episode of Mind Of The Meanie is a full-on tribute to the legacy to one of the greatest guitar players to have ever lived. Meanie talks with co-host Josh Shernoff about Van Halen’s impact the rock legend had on his life and indirectly, his in-ring career.

“My whole life has been like three things. My love of wrestling, of course, my love of music and love of stand-up comedy and Van Halen was a huge part of that, annoyingly so to others. Friends who knew me or classmates in high school. Technically, Van Halen was the reason why I met Bill Apter,” Meanie said.

“I was going to get my Van Halen jacket air-brushed and that’s when I met Bill Apter and that helped shaped my wrestling career, but yeah, it fuckin’ hit me like a ton of bricks man. I kind of knew it was coming. I had an idea, but it still hit me as if I lost a loved one, a member of my family. I was a child of the 80s and stuff like that and just like a lot of how wrestling fans watch wrestling and maybe watch shoot interviews or now listen to podcasts and you kind of get a sense of and feel for somebody you admire. Thank God I grew up in the 80s and we had MTV.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Check out the full episode below:

On This Weeks trip into the Mind of the Meanie, The Blue Meanie and Josh Shernoff pay homage to arguably the greatest guitar player to ever live, Eddie Van Halen.

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