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ROH Wrestling Results: Tracy Williams vs. Fred Yehi

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired October 19, 2020 

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Quinn McKay recaps the Ring of Honor Pure Championship Tournament. After his victory last week, Jay Lethal says the finals of this tournament are a given. He’s going to face his best friend, Jonathan Gresham. Following Jonathan Gresham’s win, The Octopus says this tournament is supposed to be about pure wrestling. He wonders why he had to face Matt Sydal instead of a pure wrestler. He says Ring of Honor needs to return to its roots and give its wrestlers the freedom of pure wrestling. He calls himself the foundation of this company and vows to win the tournament.

A video package recaps Matt Taven’s return.. He attacked Vincent and drove him through a table.

Another video recaps Fred Yehi’s and Tracy Williams’ victories in the first round.

ROH Pure Tournament Block A Semifinal: Tracy Williams vs. Fred Yehi

The competitors feel each other out with technical holds, and the match is a stalemate early on. Williams takes Yehi to the mat, but both men remain evenly matched. Yehi quickly uses two of his three rope breaks. Both men trade chops, and Williams takes Yehi down with a rolling hammer lock.

Yehi hits an Exploder suplex. Williams grounds Yehi and targets his leg. He drills Yehi with stiff strikes.

Yehi fires back with some strikes and two suplexes. Yehi stomps Willliams’ foot and drills him with a kick. Williams escapes a Koji Clutch. Hot Sauce plants Yehi with a Brainbuster. A spinning clothesline takes Yehi down, but he almost steals the win with a roll-up. Williams escapes another Koji Clutch.

Williams rocks Yehi with a forearm to the face. Hot Sauce DDTs Yehi on the turnbuckle. A Piledriver earns Williams a two count. Williams makes Yehi tap to a Dragon Sleeper in the ropes.

Winner: Tracy Williams

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