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Elias Says The WWE 24/7 Title Should Be Renamed The ‘R-Truth Championship’

Elias WWE
Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Elias was one of the first people to defeat R-Truth for the WWE 24/7 Championship. in the time since Elias had won the gold himself, R-Truth has managed to become WWE 24/7 Champion over 40 times.

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Elias shared his feelings on the championship, saying that while it started out as a fun idea, at this point it should just be named after R-Truth because there will never be another long-term champion.

“Yeah, I mean, that’s essentially his title. You know what I mean, and anybody else who gets a hold of it, they are just kind of holding it until R-Truth finds a way to get it back. You know, it started out I think as a really fun and creative idea and a way to kind to add excitement to the show. At this point, what, like R-Truth, is like a 45-time Champion or 40-time Champion? I don’t know what it is, man. It’s over the top. Let’s just call it the R-Truth Championship, and whatever match he has, it’s kind of on the line, or whatever. He’s just walking around backstage, and you want to get into a fight with him. It is what it is at this point.”

Now that Elias is back on Monday nights, perhaps he will look to recapture the “R-Truth Championship” once again.

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