Gears 5 Batista

Batista Is Marcus Fenix In Upcoming Gears 5 Update

Batista is a big fan of Gears of War, a third-person shooter video game franchise on Xbox consoles. The former World Heavyweight Champion petitioned to start in a film based on the games, which eventually led to his inclusion as a downloadable character in the multiplayer modes for the latest release, Gears 5. With a new Xbox coming this fall and new updates coming to the game to go along with it, there’s one addition that wrestling fans will be extremely interested in.

Starting on November 10, players both new and old can switch out familiar Gears protagonist and do-rag enthusiast Marcus Fenix with Batista. Big Dave will don the do-rag as a full character shift, complete with a fully redubbed voice track. It may not be a Gears movie staring Batista, but it’s as close as things can get in 2020. You can see the switchover in the new trailer going over the update that released earlier today:

The new version of the game running on the Xbox Series X will also feature visuals that rival the computer release of the game at launch as well as new single-player content to try out and increased performance in multiplayer. Players who already own the game on Xbox One will get the new version for free when upgrading to the next-generation console, or they can just stick with the original version and still play as Big Dave.

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