New Pro Wrestling Non-Profit Organization ‘WrestleConnex’ Launched

Today saw the launch of a new non-profit organization for those in the professional wrestling industry called WrestleConnex. Check out the entire press release below. One of the highlights of the organization is that they seek to provide group insurance for medical and other personal needs.

Founded by four former members of the Cauliflower Alley Club (CAC) Executive Board, WrestleConnex, Inc. is a new non-profit corporation headquartered in Colorado designed to provide benefits for those who have previously been or are currently working in the professional wrestling industry. Emboldened by their love of the business and understanding that the industry has had its share of challenges, WrestleConnex set out to create a stand-alone organization that, along with the help of various strategic partners, addresses some of the issues by offering group benefits to current and former participants.

Led by President Gloria Lovell, WrestleConnex is a membership-based organization whose providers offer WrestleConnex members specially discounted Group Benefit health insurance plans including medical, dental, vision and hospitalization. Group Benefits for life, final expense and disability insurance are also available. Additionally, provisions have been made for WrestleConnex members to receive a complimentary financial planning session and an initial consultation for legal services should the need arise.

In addition to these benefits, WrestleConnex has made arrangements with one of the world’s foremost discount and rewards programs to provide their members with discounts on thousands of products and services ranging from hotel rooms and rental cars to gym memberships, food delivery services, computers, apparel, movie and event tickets, and much more! “Our motto of ‘Learn. Share. Connect.’ is derived from our mission statement,” said Lovell. “This is an exciting time for the professional wrestling industry and we’re proud to be doing something that should have happened long ago.”

In a relatively short period of time, WrestleConnex has gained support from several well-known and respected personalities in the professional wrestling industry, enabling the establishment of an advisory board. Members of the advisory board will serve as “Ambassadors” who will not only advise the organization, but will host or participate in monthly online seminars that will be geared toward assisting in the development of younger talent. James J. Dillon, Sgt. Slaughter, Rockin’ Robin Smith, “Cheerleader” Melissa Anderson and promoter David Marquez have been named the organization’s first five Ambassadors.

Lovell pointed out that despite the connection between the four founders of WrestleConnex being former CAC Executive Board members, the public should not misinterpret the formation of the new non-profit as an extension of CAC, nor as an attempt to replicate its mission. All four of the WrestleConnex founders continue to support CAC and are Lifetime Members. “The CAC does a lot of good,” Lovell reminded us, stating that their Benevolent Fund has helped a lot of people over the years, “especially those who were retired and were in dire straits.” She also explained that WrestleConnex has more of a focus on those who are able to help themselves by enabling those who can afford to, get the benefits they need at group rates.

WrestleConnex officially launched on November 1, 2020 with the opening of its Website and social media pages. Rounding out the WrestleConnex Board of Directors are founders Howard T. Brody (Vice President), Scott Hosey (Treasurer), and David Buckler (Secretary). The organization’s mission statement reads: “WrestleConnex is an exclusive network of professionals comprised of those who work or perform in the professional wrestling industry. The goal of our organization is to provide its members with the information, tools, benefits and advice that will assist them in both their personal and professional development.”

To learn more about WrestleConnex, visit http://wrestleconnex.com.

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