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ROH Wrestling Results (11/2/20): A New ROH Pure Champion Is Crowned

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired November 2, 2020 

Report by Colin Tessier for

A video package hyping up the finals of the ROH Pure Tournament opens the episode. Quinn McKay welcomes viewers to the show and previews the main event between Tracy Williams and Jonathan Gresham. She also says Ring of Honor doesn’t tolerate the violence between Matt Taven and Vincent, so they have been fined and warned.

A video package recaps how EC3 debuted in Ring of Honor and clashed with Shane Taylor.

Shane Taylor & The Soldiers of Savagery (Moses and Kaun) vs. EC3 & The Briscoes

EC3 and Kaun start the match and feel each other out. EC3 gains the upper hand and tags in Mark Briscoe. Mark showcases some old-school wrestling holds, but the Soldiers of Savagery double-team him.

Moses and Mark trade chops, but the Briscoes team up to regain control of the match. EC3 drops Kaun with a clothesline, and Mark hits Taylor with a flurry of strikes. Taylor drops Mark with a cutter, and Jay takes the fight to Taylor. The big man nails Jay with a knee to the face.

The Soldiers of Savagery ground Jay and isolate him. Taylor overpowers Jay and slaps EC3 in the face. Mark tags in and rallies. He sends Taylor to the outside with a dropkick, and the match breaks down into a brawl at ringside.

Mark takes everyone out with a spinning dive. Taylor catches Mark with Welcome to the Land for the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor Promotions

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