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Rohit Raju Uses A Low Blow To Beat TJP, Who Can’t Challenge For His X Division Title Again

Rohit Raju and TJP met in the ring tonight during IMPACT Wrestling, with the X Division Championship on the line. In a shocking display, though, Raju delivered a low blow to TJP to help him win, and in the process make it so that TJP can not challenge for the belt again.

In a match with a lot on the line for TJP, it was Raju who used underhanded methods to come away with the win. If TJP were to lose, he was unable to challenge Raju for the championship again, so he was giving it his all from the start. Late in the match, Rohit grabbed his X-Divison Championship in the corner, but the referee began struggling with him for it. After pulling the belt away from Raju and turning around, Raju quickly landed a low blow on TJP before hitting him with a knee to the head for the win.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

The two come back duking it out and Rohit dials it up with a series of kicks. He covers and gets a two count. Rohit wrenches TJP’s arm and flips on top of it adding to the torque. Snap suplex has Rohit floating over for a two count. Kick to the back followed by Rohit stepping across the chest of TJP. Hard running elbow leads to a cover for two. Shot to the back followed by an arm wrench. Rohit sends TJP in the corner and then hits him with a sing-a-long DDT for a near fall. Rohit focuses on the left arm of TJP. Small package and a kickout by TJP. Rohit hits a roll the dice but TJP recovers to hit a tornado DDT allowing him time to recover. TJP continues the offense that is punctuated by a surfboard stretch. He drops Raju on his back for a pin attempt. 1-2-kickout. Hard uppercuts in the corner by TJP and then crashes into Rohit in the opposite corner. He downs Rohit, but Raju puts TJP in a tree of woe. Raju ascends on top of him but TJP pulls Rohit down. The two find themselves in the middle of the ring and hits TJP with a sharp DDT for two. Crossface from Rohit turned to a backstabber by TJP. TJP goes for a Mamba Splash, but Rohit locks in a crossface. Rohit. TJP turns it into a legbar. Rohit pulls himself to the corner and grabs his X-Division belt. The ref struggles with Rohit and pulls the belt from him. As the ref puts the belt back, Rohit low blows TJP and hits him with a knee to the temple. 1-2-3.

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