LSG Focused On Establishing Himself In ROH, Testing Himself Against Jay Lethal In Pure Rules Action

Leon St. Giovanni (aka LSG) recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of his return to Ring Of Honor TV this weekend. The “Ace Of Space” will take on Jay Lethal in a Pure Rules match, a task he sees as a true test of proving your worth in Ring Of Honor.

“Well you know, he’s been there so long he’s been such a cornerstone of the company. I almost look at him as a gatekeeper—if you can hang with him, you can hang anyone. I’ve mentioned like—15 year old me, that’s when I started watching it. I saw him compete in my hometown in New Jersey, so it’s kind of like it’s a career accomplishment but it’s also a personal accomplishment. I would love to tell myself, you know back then like just stick to it, you’re gonna get to where you want to get to. So now like 15 years later, I’m wrestling this guy we’re having a pretty important match and I think it’s just like I said, keep up with him, and I’m looking forward to another match with him or more matchups like that in the future.”

Formerly part of the Coast 2 Coast tag team with Shaheem Ali, LSG is now looking to break out on his own. While he says he’s not shutting the door completely on tag team wrestling, he says right now his focus is on himself.

“Right now I’m just I’m focused on myself just establishing myself as a singles competitor. I would never say no again because I had such a great time with Shaheem. We got to do some amazing things got to travel the world and wrestle in Germany and Mexico and a lot other countries with some of the best teams in the world, so I’ll never say never. You know, it’s cliche but I’ll never say that.”

Leon St. Giovanni’s match with Jay Lethal airs this weekend on ROH TV.

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