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Nidia Recalls Original Plans For Her Blindness Gimmick, Says She Got Ribbed While Staying In Character On The Road

Nidia recalls how hard it was getting a meal when you’re storyline blind.

The former Tough Enough winner recently spoke with Fightful, and Nidia talked about how her blindness gimmick required her to keep up kayfabe and what the original plans for her storyline were. Nidia went blind as a result of getting green mist sprayed in her face by Tajiri, leading to her “boyfriend” Jamie Noble taking advantage of her condition to try and help his own career. As Nidia explained it, she really had to live the gimmick on the road, which led to some rather funny stories.


“We would go overseas, and they would be like, ‘Hey, Nidia. Remember that you’re blind. So, I don’t want to see you out in the lobby walking around and then you have to go pretend you’re blind at the show. ‘Cause that just kills it.’ So, that’s the thing, right? One day we got in, we were in Australia, and I called. Dawn Nothing. ‘Torrie?’ Nothing. ‘Jamie?’ Nothing. They’re all gone, right? So, I’m just like, ‘Damnit, I’m fucking hungry.’ So, I get in the elevator, hoping that I’m not going to run into anyone and I run into Bob Holly. I was like, ‘Dude, I’m hungry. I need to go downstairs and I need to get some food. Can you guide me through the crowd?’ I bumped into every single wall and plant and anything. It was just, ‘Whoops, watch out for that.’ I was like, ‘Fuck, just get me to my meal.’ It was the longest walk.”

Nidia also revealed her storyline originally had much more detail involved, but it didn’t make it to air and was a bit different than the final product.

“We talked to Vince, you remember how we won that money, right? Or we inherited that money. We were going to get that money, and Torrie got into Playboy, and they were like, ‘What you’re gonna go to the best Swedish doctor and you’re gonna go,’ ‘cause I was going to get breast augmentation and I needed some time off. So, that’s a lot of information, huh? So, I was going to get a breast augmentation. I asked for the time off. They approved, so they wrote it into the storyline. What they wanted to do was to send me to the best doctor in Sweden and I was gonna come back, and we were going to highlight them, etc, etc. That was the way the story was going to go, and Jamie was like, ‘That’s kind of anticlimactic. How far is that going to go?’ Which, in hindsight, it probably would have gone far, right? But, we pitched a different direction and he said, ‘Yes,’ and they made me blind. I was just like, ‘We shouldn’t have messed with him. Now he’s messing with me. He made me blind!’”

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