Braun Strowman
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Update On Braun Strowman’s Status, Triple H & Stephanie’s Top 10 Moments

Update On Braun Strowman’s Status

The WWE Universe was sent into confusion last week when Braun Strowman randomly confronted Adam Pearce and was subsequently suspended from RAW.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, we got some insight from Dave Meltzer as to what exactly is going on with Braun. It appears that Strowman may be dealing with a knee injury at the moment although he didn’t know exactly how serious it might be.

Meltzer said, “Braun Strowman does have a knee injury because he is being treated for it. I don’t know the severity of it. The impression I have is that he’s not going to be at TLC. I mean, so I think the three way is going to be for the spot but I don’t know that a 100%. After Monday, I’d heard that part, that the writing team still thinks it’s Strowman [competing against Drew at TLC]. You know, it’s probably not. So that’s the story with Strowman. There definitely was a knee injury involved there, so that’s the story.”

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Triple H & Stephanie’s Top 10 Moments

The latest edition of WWE Top 10 was released today and the topic at hand is the greatest moments of all time involving Triple H & Stephanie McMahon. The reason for this topic is the anniversary of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s Las Vegas wedding.

Check out the video below, which features moments from over 15 years ago and moments from less than 5 years ago.