anthony ogogo

Anthony Ogogo Challenges Jake Paul To Prove He’s A Real Boxer

Recent AEW Dark commentator and wrestler in training Anthony Ogogo originally made his name on the national stage through his boxing acumen. He won a Bronze Medal at the 2012 Olympic Games and holds numerous championships in the sport. As one might expect for such an accomplished athlete, Ogogo is none to thrilled with the antics of YouTubers like Jake Paul trying to make the sport their own, and he said as much directly to the content creator on Twitter:

So-called “YouTube boxers” have been controversial with more than just Ogogo, as plenty of traditional fans of the sport consider it a side attraction. However, former world champ and mystery solver Mike Tyson disagrees, saying the sport is being brought back to life thanks to this celebrity influence. Furthermore, he suggests that talents like Jake Paul should be in title contention.

As for Jake Paul himself, the COVID-19 denier has co-opted Gohan as his current Twitter profile pic and promises a documentary based on his boxing after his successful knockout last week. Neither he nor All Elite Wrestling has commented on the challenge by Ogogo.

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