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Young Bucks: The AEW / IMPACT Relationship Is ‘Something We’ve Been Whispering In Tony Khan’s Ear For Two Years’

The Young Bucks are excited for the potential for the new working relationship between AEW and IMPACT Wrestling.

The Bucks spoke with the Living The Gimmick podcast hours removed from what some are calling the biggest episode of AEW Dynamite of the year. Not only did Sting make his AEW debut, but Jon Moxley’s 277-day title reign ended at the hands of Kenny Omega—who is on his way to IMPACT Wrestling.

Matt and Nick took some time to speak about how the apparent working relationship came to fruition, noting that they’d almost worked with IMPACT Wrestling before during their feud with the Hardys. Although that story was ended before the planned payoff, the AEW Tag Team Champions shared their excitement regarding last night’s events and the potential for the future.

Matt: “So this is something we’ve been whispering in Tony Khan’s ears for two years. We’re all about collaborating and partnering, working together. This is what we’ve always done, and even back when we were with Ring Of Honor, we got the Hardys to come in and they were with IMPACT and that was part of our plan. So this is something that we truly wanted to do for a very, very long time. Finally, I guess the timing was right and we got it done.”

Matt added, “What do I really know about it? It’s still so early. I don’t know if we collectively know what this means. I think we’re just dipping our toes in right now and we’re going to see what we can get out of it.”

Matt went on to say that there are immediate plans that he can’t just give away right now, but he also can’t help but think about things from a fan perspective and try and fantasy book some matches. Nick said the collaboration is just a way to make things interesting and unpredictable, and it also could be good for business. He cited the Bucks vs. Hardys feud in ROH and IMPACT, noting that they had success there and people overthink the rivalry aspects between various wrestling promotions.

The full interview with the Young Bucks will be released on Tuesday’s new episode of the LTG podcast, but fans can listen now by signing up for the Living The Gimmick Patreon page to gain early access.

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