Credit: WWE

Cutler & Blake Take Out The Mysterios, King Corbin Beats Murphy

King Corbin and Murphy went at it during tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, with Corbin looking to gain a big win against Murphy in the process. Thanks to some help from Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler, Corbin was able to do just that, with the former Forgotten Sons helping Corbin walk out of SmackDown with a win. 

Throughout most of the match, Corbin had the upper hand over Murphy, having taken control of the match early. Towards the end of the match, with Corbin still assaulting Murphy, Blake and Cutler – who were standing at ringside in hooded outfits – began attacking Dominik and Rey Mysterio, who had joined Murphy at ringside. Murphy attempted to make the save and chased away Blake and Cutler from the Mysterios, but ended up running right into Corbin’s End of Days, which Corbin nailed for the win. 

For more on how the match went, check out below:

Corbin comes to the ring with two men in hoods. One of them looks like Murphy’s old partner Blake. Corbin drives his shoulder into Murphy’s gut. Corbin tosses Murphy clear across the ring. Corbin works over Murphy tries a sunset flip but Corbin puts on the breaks. Corbin walks into a rana by Murphy. Corbin falls over the top rope to the outside area. Murphy gets distracted by one of the guys in the hoods. Corbin launches. Murphy over the barricade into a cameraman in the timekeeper’s area. After the break, Corbin continues his assault.  The two men in hoods are Blake and Cutler, formerly of The Forgotten Sons. Blake and Cutler attack Dominik and Rey Mysterio outside the ring. Murphy makes the save but as he is chasing Cutler and Blake he runs right into Corbin’s End of Days. Corbin pins Murphy.

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