Steve Austin
Photo Credit: WWE

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin & Sgt. Slaughter Pay Tribute To Pat Patterson

In a new series of videos remembering the late Pat Patterson, Steve Austin and Sgt. Slaughter spoke about their favorite memories regarding the legendary superstar.

In his video, Austin reminisced on coming into the world of professional wrestling and meeting Patterson. “Pat’s one of the best dudes in the history of the business,” he said. “And he’s the guy who’s contributions to the business are incredible, first and foremost as a performer in the ring…along with the fact that he invented, basically, the original format of the Royal Rumble.” Austin went on to say that Patterson’s greatest contribution to the WWE will be his huge body of work and what he’s done in the business.

As far as Sgt. Slaughter’s thoughts on Patterson, he kept it rather brief, and said that he loved Pat and there was so much to say about him. He then showed off a shirt that he had, which featured the word “Pat” on it with a heart around it, located right over his own heart. Slaughter said that Patterson would always be with him, and that he didn’t know where he would be today without some of the things that Patterson taught him.

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