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Montez Ford Talks Possibly Having A Singles Run, Tribute To The Troops, More

Montez Ford of The Street Profits recently sat down with to discuss a variety of topics including this years Tribute to the Troops event and the possibility that him and Angelo Dawkins could split up to pursue singles careers. Take a look at the highlights below.

On working Tribute to the Troops this year:

Yeah, it’s the greatest thing. Especially for me, being a prior serviceman, it means a lot that you have companies like the WWE that take time and actually just give us some recognition, man. And everything those servicemen do, it does not go unnoticed. They do so much, and the sacrifices, and the time they put into this world and this country, man. It’s just unmatched. So it just means a lot for me to not only be prior service but to also be a part of giving back to it. So it just comes full circle, and for me, it’s a blessing.

On the possibility of pursuing a singles career:

If myself and Dawkins were to get drafted and go separate ways, it would definitely be one of those situations where like, he’ll support me and be all for it and vice versa. It’s one of those things where we’ll just be supportive, man. So yeah, it’d be definitely one of those things that we’d be supportive and be excited about, but I don’t think that’s happening any time soon. I can fly around and jump, but I definitely need my tag team partner to knock over these bigger guys, man. You got people like Braun Strowman and Keith Lee that work on the same roster as us.

On the ‘Thriller’ Halloween recreation he did with Bianca Belair:

Man, I’ve been wanting to do that for months. I was like, ‘Hey babe, what do you think if we do Thriller for Halloween?’ Because I’m a huge, huge, huge Michael Jackson fan, man. I’ve been watching Michael ever since I was a tadpole, man. And I thought it was just something to do because 2020’s just been a very difficult and transitional and adjusting year for a lot of people. So we wanted to do something where if somebody wasn’t able to go trick or treating, if somebody wasn’t able to go to the movies, obviously with the restrictions and everything going on, they can watch crazy-ass montages and reenact thriller.

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