Charlie Haas 2020
Photo: The Hannibal TV

Charlie Haas Returns To Pro Wrestling With A Brand New Look

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas has mostly been away from the wrestling biz. He’s been gone from Vince McMahon’s employ for a full decade and made his last major appearance on wrestling TV in 2013 for Ring of Honor. Since then, he announced his retirement from the sport but continued to wrestle locally from time to time. That stopped several years ago, but he’s back in 2020 on the Texas scene with a new look and a story to tell.

Appearing on The Hannibal TV, Haas explained what’s been going on in his life since 2018. He announced that he is now divorced from his longtime partner Jackie Gayda, but he’s back on his feet and running a youth wrestling program out of Allen, Texas. This means that he’s been training in amateur wrestling in the gym daily, and that’s why Haas has dropped plenty of weight and adopted a new look.

Haas also mentioned that his kids have taken up the family business, so to speak. Ten-year-old son Russ has conquered the kids’ nationals in several disciplines and his eight-year-old son Chuck has won several tournaments throughout the year. As for Haas himself, he’s back in the squared circle for various Texas promotions, including SWEFury.

For more from Haas, including thoughts on Brock Lesnar, Team Angle memories, and his goals for wrestling in the future, be sure to check out the full interview embedded above.

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