Salina De La Renta MLW Fusion
Photo Credit: MLW

Salina De La Renta Summons Lucha Underground Star In MLW: ‘Mil Muertes Is Coming’

Someone is being “summoned” by Salina de la Renta in MLW and this particular individual has once laid many to rest in Lucha Underground: the former Champion of the now no-more promotion, Mil Muertes.

Ever since The Restart began for Major League Wrestling, Salina de la Renta has been a bit off the league’s grid after Konnan discovered she was the individual who helped CONTRA Unit invade the company’s headquarters back in the first half of 2020. Therefore, de la Renta’s managerial license was revoked and her future stints as executive producer for upcoming Fusion episodes remained in question. This led to her disappearance up until two weeks ago where we saw The Empresaria roaming ancient Aztec ruins in Mexico City.

She shared a story back in 1985 when a child of only seven lost everything due to a massive earthquake in Mexico City. This man rose to throne of greatness until his temple fell. He then wandered the earth until “The Bruja” summons that individual: Pasqual Mendoza. Then this week on MLW Fusion, with blood dripping from her hands, Salina stated the following:

“They’re saying that I am the traitor. Well how quick to bite the hand that feeds you and also how quick to forget how powerful I am. And my power reaches far beyond the talent I so graciously present. I know awful men. I have stared at evil right in the face and he stared right back at me. Every ‘temple’, every arena burned to the ground! ‘Mil Muertes is coming,'” she sings as we see a blood soaked table.

You can see the full episode of the latest Fusion below as Salina’s segment occurs at the 24:30 mark:

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