AJ Styles
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AJ Styles Reveals Phone Call He Had With Undertaker After Boneyard Match

AJ Styles recently sat down with Alex McCarthy at talkSport to talk about his match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36. In what turned out to likely be Undertaker’s final match, Styles revealed that he had no idea it would be the final match for Undertaker.

Styles said, “Somebody asked me who do I want for my retirement match? I said ‘I have no idea! I don’t even know when I’m going to retire, how can I even think about that!’ And there’s no way The Undertaker was thinking a year before WrestleMania ‘I’m going to have AJ Styles as my last match!’ He wasn’t thinking about that. I wasn’t even on his list, I’m sure of it.”

Styles went on to talk positively about the match, saying “It was a lot of effort brought about by a lot of different people, but the most of course was done by The Undertaker. I was just there to stand beside him and do my thing. I literally called him a month after WrestleMania and said ‘I need to know if you’re done.’ Well, he never called me back because I think he was afraid I’d talk him into one more. We talked, but it was right. He did it the right way, he did it on his own terms. He didn’t have to do it because of an injury or something else.”

Just a month later at Money In The Bank, Styles walked around WWE HQ acting afraid of Undertaker. He is not sure why they went this direction. He said, “I have no idea! I didn’t call that, I didn’t say anything about that. They were just like ‘what if we did this’ and I was like ‘yeah, you know, whatever?!’ I have no idea why they put something like that in there but maybe it was a just in case.”

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