WWE TLC Results (12/20/20)

wwe tlcWWE TLC Results 

December 20, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kickoff Show

Big E, Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable, and Otis vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, King Corbin, and Sami Zayn

Big E tries to lock up with Zayn but Zayn runs away and tags out. Corbin steps in. Corbin tries the dipsey doo clothesline but Big E counters with a belly to belly. Cesaro and Gable tag in. Gable tries a leapfrog but Cesraro catches him in midair. Gable escapes and lands a series of head-scissors. Bryan tags in and drops an elbow to Cesaro’s arm.  Bryan backflips off the top rope. In the confusion, Bryan hits a clothesline. Nakamura kicks Bryan in the back while Cesaro has the referee tied up. Cesaro and Nakamura double team Bryan.

Zayn and Co. take turns working over Bryan. Bryan manages to tag in Otis, who clears the ring and hits the Caterpillar on Nakamura. Gable tells Otis to tag him in. Otis and Gable set up what looks to be their new finisher but Nakamura avoids it. Nakamura and Cesaro hit their finish on Gable. Otis breaks up the pin. Gable hits the Chaos Theory on Cesaro. Zayn tags in. Gable tags in Big E. Zayn tries to run away but there is no one on the apron for him to tag. Big E drops Zayn with the Big Ending for the win.

Winners- Big E, Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable, and Otis


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