Lex Luger
(Photo By Russell Turiak/Getty Images)

First Look At WWE Icons: Showcases Lex Luger, Rob Van Dam, British Bulldog & More

When it comes to recognition, many legends have yet to experience their moment in the World Wrestling Entertainment spotlight, but WWE Icons on the Network will give at least four of those stars that much-deserved opportunity.

WWE released on their YouTube channel a special “First Look” at their new series and the list is chock full of star power as it showcases feature pieces on Lex Luger, Rob Van Dam, Beth Phoenix and two late-greats in British Bulldog and WWE Hall of Famer, Yokozuna. Bulldog was slated to be one of the inductees as one of the members of the 2020 Hall of Fame class, but it has currently been put on hold due to the pandemic. You can take a look at a full 12-minute preview of each star below:

Of many Superstars, only a few become WWE Icons. Hear the legendary stories that elevated a select group of Superstars to immortality in the new WWE Network Documentaries series coming Jan. 31, 2021.

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