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JBL ‘Heels’ On The Holidays (And Gerald Brisco): ‘Good Guys Finish Last’

Once a heel, always a heel. JBL may be retired from in-ring activity, but that doesn’t mean you can take the “bad guy” out of the man with a white Stetson.

JBL took a moment tree-side to share his best wishes for everyone during the holiday season and made note to mention that Christmas day happened to be the biggest day on the pro wrestling calendar. The message seemed well-intentioned, but leave it to Layfield to level out that good cheer with a verbal Stan Hansen lariat from hell.

“Kids all across the country will be opening up their presents. In Gerald Brisco’s Oklahoma, kids will be getting books without words of course but with big pictures and they’ll all be looking forward to this Christmas extravaganza that is professional wrestling. It was so great to see these kids show up with their mommy and their daddy, holding hands, grinning from ear to ear and then to watch that grin slowly turn to a frown and tears well up in that child’s eyes and the shriek of horror as they realize their idol was gonna lose to the bad guy.

“But the lesson learned as the wife would cry (an exasperated cry), ‘It wasn’t supposed to end this way,’ was so much more valuable than the video games than those kids opened up or the chocolate Santa those kids ate and that is, ‘Good guys finish last.’

“So this holiday season, I want to leave you with this wonderful message: bad guys are heroes. Happy Holidays and from my rizz-rat and I, Merry Christmas.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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