Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

Frankie Kazarian To Christopher Daniels: Next Time We Lose, We’re Done As A Tag Team Forever

After rising to the top of the ladder and becoming the AEW Tag Team Champions, SCU have gone on a bit of a losing streak as of late. Following two tough losses to The Acclaimed and The Inner Circle, the duo appeared on tonight’s AEW Dark, where Frankie Kazarian said that if they lose again, the pairing of Kazarian and Christopher Daniels is over.

“I know you better than anybody, CD,” Kazarian said in a message to his teammate. “And if there’s one thing I know that you are and that’s a fighter. When your back is against the wall you will fight, when the pressure is on you will fight. So I am asking you one more time to fight, by my side. These are drastic times, CD, so I’m going to throw out some drastic measures, and I need you to agree with this.” 

Kazarian went on to say that the duo currently found themselves at the “bottom of the barrel” and would have to climb their way to the top of the AEW Tag Team division once again. Kazarian didn’t need to motivate Christopher Daniels too much, as he closed his message out with a promise that should they lose again, they would be done, potentially ending a partnership that has gone on since 2012, where the duo tagged together in both TNA and Ring of Honor. “We will fight, we will claw, we will work our way to the top and we will become AEW Tag Team Champions, because from here on out, the next time you and I lose as a tag team, you and I are done as a tag team, forever.” 

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