Diamond Dallas Page DDP AEW
Photo Credit: Lee South/AEW

Diamond Dallas Page Joins Up With Ice Train To Spread Holiday Cheer

With his always positive attitude, it doesn’t take Diamond Dallas Page a whole lot to spread goodwill during any time of the year, yet alone the Christmas season, but he did happen to have help this year with a familiar wrestling face.

T’was a few days before Christmas when DDP joined forces with WCW’s Ice Train to visit some folks during the holiday week. Page was all decked out in his Christmas reds as he and Ice Train hit the town and DDP appeared to give quite the stellar version of St. Nick (one that can do a set of 10-count push-ups for all nine of his diamond reindeer).

“Harold Hogue aka Ice Train and I got the pleasure of playing Santa Claus the other night and went out to spread some holiday cheer by doing some good deeds for the community! I think we’ve started a new holiday tradition!” Tweeted out DDP.

Dallas shared about some of his time in WCW with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo in a recent interview as “The Master Of The Diamond Cutter” detailed his new program DDPY Jacked. You can watch the entire conversation below: