The Boogeyman Christmas Stories
Photo: WWE

The Boogeyman Reads A Christmas Classic, WWE Superstars Dressed As Santa

The Boogeyman Reads A Christmas Classic

In a heartening trend of more video content from WWE’s resident Boogeyman, WWE posted a Christmas video featuring the man from the Bottomless Pit reciting The Night Before Christmas to the WWE Universe. The Boogeyman reads the tale with must gusto, stopping to insert his own commentary about kids getting an unpleasant surprise when they awaken on Christmas morning and wishing that Rudolph was represented in the tale. After finishing the book, he asks they audience whether they’ve been good or bad children, and eats a worm while saying that the’s coming to get you.

Much like his three-hour live stream last Halloween, it’s all really great.

WWE Superstars Dressed As Santa

The latest episode of WWE Playlist celebrates a more traditional Christmas by collecting several instances of WWE performers dressed as Santa Claus. While the real Jolly Old St. Nick only made his appearance a few times on WWE programming (likely due to being run over by one Alberto Del Rio), plenty of wrestlers have played Santa’s Helper over the years.

From John Cena and Stone Cold letting Vince McMahon know what the king of the North Pole thinks of him to various superstars competing while dressed in a jolly red coat, WWE has presented numerous festive matches in the last few decades.

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