Ric Flair
Photo Credit: WWE

Ric Flair: ‘They Would Have Had To Build New Arenas’ If The Rock Was Around In My Prime

The Rock versus Ric Flair in his prime? WOOOOO—What a match!

Flair was the latest guest on “Cold As Balls” with Kevin Hart, where he spoke about his career highlights and made Hart answer some Nature Boy trivia. Hart first asked Flair about being embraced by the hip-hop community, and Flair said Migos are “great kids.”

After noting that his WrestleMania XXIV match with Shawn Michaels was his best moment, Hart asked Flair about his feelings on The Rock. Hart, a constant thorn close friend of Dwayne Johnson, joked that The Rock was a “shit wrestler” but Flair said he’s the real deal. Hart asked about how big it would’ve been if The Rock was around in Flair’s prime, and Ric said “they would have had to build new arenas” to contain it.

“When I see him, he’s just so damn entertaining. He’s got skills where he can sing, play an instrument—I didn’t have that, but I had that energy, the work ethic.”

Flair later turned the tables on Hart and asked him some Nature Boy trivia, including how many times he’s been inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and how many O’s are in his trademark “WOOOOO!” catchphrase. after consulting his assistant, Bam Bam, Hart guessed 26, but Flair corrected him and told him it was five.

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