AEW Dynamite Varsity Blondes Brian Pillman Jr. Griff Garrison
Photo: AEW

Brian Pillman Jr. Vacates OVW Title Due To AEW Commitments

After months of speculation, all signs point to Brian Pillman Jr. being All Elite in the very near future. The second-generation wrestler made his name for himself in promotions like MLW and OVW before making his way to AEW, wrestling mostly on Dark. In recent months, he’s formed a team with Jungle Boy lookalike Griff Garrison, and they’re collectively known as the Varsity Blondes. That duo has appeared more frequently outside of Dark, propelling Pillman Jr. to Dynamite. As of today, it appears that momentum has cut his time short in OVW.

According to a press release put out earlier today by OVW GM Bryan Kennison, Pillman Jr. will immediately vacate the OVW Heavyweight Championship due to his “growing relationship with AEW.” Pillman Jr. won the championship just under a month ago at the Christmas Chaos PPV from Tony Gunn.

OVW also announced that a new champion will be decided at the 2021 Nightmare Rumble on January 9th, and that individual will immediately go on to face OVW National Champion Jesse Godderz later that night.

As for Pillman Jr., his contract status with AEW is unclear at this time. It has seemed in the past that his relationship with MLW has stalled him from moving into a full-time position with All Elite, but he last wrestled for that promotion in November. AEW typically tweets out the now-famous All Elite image when new talent is signed, and it may only be a matter of time before the son of Flyin’ Bryan is AEW-exclusive.

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