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Steve Austin Explains Why He’d Take Back His Stone Cold Stunner To Linda McMahon

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin would like a mulligan.

Austin was Ryan Satin’s latest guest for his FOX Sports interview series to promote the new season of “Straight Up Steve Austin” on USA Network. During the conversation, Satin asked for Austin to single out some of the most memorable Stunners in his career—including the one he’d like to take back the most.

Austin said his favorite Stunner is hitting Vince McMahon with one in Madison Square Garden because it “tipped the iceberg”, and said that The Rock took the move the best out of anyone. When asked if he could take one back, Austin hesitated at first to ponder the question, but ultimately said he thinks it’d have to be Linda McMahon.

“Linda McMahon was like a mother to me on the road, and she was just awesome to me. I loved her, and we kinda botched it a little bit. I wanted to be gentle with her, so probably that one. It’s funny that you would almost agree with me, but she was and still is, a wonderful woman. She was like a mother to me on the road and I love her, but we kinda botched it, so Linda McMahon.”

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