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Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

WWE Reportedly Making A ‘Strong Play’ For Jay White After Rumored NJPW Exit

Jay White is three years younger than when Prince Devitt left NJPW to become Finn Balor in NXT, but WWE reportedly has an eye on the Switchblade considering his contract is running out with the company.

White did cut a promo post-loss to Kota Ibushi after night two of Wrestle Kingdom 15 and very much expressed New Year’s Dash as his “last” appearance with NJPW stating, “Tomorrow, contractually—if they want me—if they want to make me wrestle again after what I’ve just been through,  and I don’t just mean tonight, I mean the last—in 8 days, it’ll be 8 years to the day since I first stepped in a wrestling ring and started training. I’m not going to do this anymore, so if they’re going to make me show up tomorrow, fine. Fine, and I’m sure they will because you all, the fans, New Japan, you love nothing more than to see me distressed, see me like this. Fine, I’ll show up tomorrow if you want me to, but after that, that’s it.”

Word according from the several sources on Super J-Cast on Twitter is that there is doubt whether White will extend his contract with NJPW, stating that it is “50/50” whether he stays or goes, but WWE is reportedly making a “strong play” for the young star and featured face of Bullet Club.

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