AJ Kirsch
Photo Credit: Mark Johnston Cinematography

AJ Kirsch Announces MLW Exit After Appearing On AEW Dark

AJ Kirsch has announced his departure from Major League Wrestling.

The former MLW commentator and Tough Enough competitor made his debut appearance on AEW Dark yesterday evening as “Broseph” Joe Broakley in a managerial role for Tesha Price. Around that time, Kirsch made the announcement that he was no longer tied to the promotion starting on January 1. Kirsch wrote a heartfelt thank you on Twitter to Court Bauer, Jared St. Laurent and broadcast colleague Rich Bocchini for their time and tutelage.

“Welp…I guess now’s a good time to mention that as of January 1st, I was/am no longer under contract with @MLW. I’m so grateful to @courtbauer & @MSL for welcoming me like I’d been there for years, but no one went above and beyond like @RichBocchini. @RichBocchini took it upon himself to teach me the ins & outs of calling wrestling for TV & perhaps more importantly, pointed out the things I knew but didn’t know it. To any aspiring pro wrestling broadcasters: if you get the chance to learn from Rich, make it happen! MLW is truly something special, from the presentation of the product to the locker room to the production staff. It was a joy, both professionally and personally, to be a part of the #RiseOfTheRenegades. #MLW was a huge step for me. Here’s to the next one.”

Kirsch started working for Major League Wrestling in October of 2019 as their play-by-play man alongside Bocchini and became a familiar face on Fusion and on the company’s first PPV, Saturday Night SuperFight, but hasn’t been seen since COVID-19 broke out back in March of last year. Since The Restart in MLW, Kirsch has been replaced by St. Laurent on commentary as it’s he and Bocchini steering the ship for Fusion.

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