AEW Dynamite
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AEW Dynamite Results (1/20/21)

This week on AEW Dynamite, Jon Moxley returns to in-ring action, Adam Page makes his Dark Order decision and “-1” Brodie Lee Jr. celebrates his birthday!

AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash, January 13, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

The show starts off with -1 on 1o’s shoulders to celebrate his birthday on the stage. Thhere’s a cake and everything as all of Dark Order stnd on stage. John Silver gets on the mic and says tonight is a very special night. One because they are going get a new recruit in Adam Page and two, it’s somebody’s birthday. Johnny’s “hungee,” but they sing Brodie Jr. “Happy Birthday.” In comes Chaos Project and Luther runs down the ceremony. Luther takes exception that Brodie Jr. told him he looked stupid on AEW Dark. He receives some “you look stupid” chants. (1) his face looks symmetrical and (2) he’s standing with a bunch of goofs. The Chaos Project doesn’t like children and they are going to ruin his birthday. They all begin to brawl and TH2 gets involved. Hangman’s music hits and he dives onto everyone from the stage.


The Dark Order & Hangman Page vs. TH2 & Chaos Project

Dark Order start off with a double team, but Luther gains control on on Silver. Luther uses his partners to deliver pain onto Silver even bulldogging Angelico onto him.

Serpentico gets the tag and headlocks Silver. Hangman gets the tag and is on a major tear against his opponents. He soon receives a boot from Serpentico but catches him with a Northern Lights suplex. Colt gets his moment in the spotlight and then Hangman delivers a fallaway slam on Colt. Silver dives ontotthe outside with a cannonball senton to the outside and then Alex Reynolds follows suit with a dive onto the outside. Hangman moonsaults on top of everyone.

Back in the ring, Hangman has Reynolds and Silver on his back and falls on Serpentico for a close call.

Serpentico hits a short DDT and Evans follows up with splash. Cover by Serpentico on Reynolds for two. Hangman powerbombs a foe into the crowd as Luther gets flapjacked onto the cake. Hangman vaults in to hit Serpentico with a Buckshot Lariat and Silver finishes it off with a German for the win.

WINNERS: The Dark Order & Hangman Page

Post match, Dark Order hold up Serpentico for Brodie Lee to hit him with a kendo and Brodie tells them his birthday was “30 days ago, you idiots!” He then throws the papers at Serpentico.

Next, Silver pops the question: will Hangman join The Dark Order? Hangman says “no” as fireworks go off and a big “He Said Yes!!!” pops up on the screen. Silver tries to quiet it all down as Hangman says he has tried the group thing before, and it just didn’t work out. He’s had a lot of fun with them. A sad Hangman walks off, grabbing the bottle of booze from Stu Grayson.

Jericho and MJF are backstage with Alex Marvez. MJF is concerned with dissention in the ranks after this match tonight. Jericho makes it clear they all will move on after having this definitive tag team match and MJF gets on the same page with “Christopher.”

After break, Tony Schiavone introduces “Stiiiiiiing!” Stinger comes out wearing a Brodie Lee shirt as Tony introduces Darby Allin. Fans clap rhythmically to his tune. “Darby” chants echo in Daily’s Place. Sting gets on the mic to say that there’s something that reminds him of him of Darby. He congratulates him on becoming the TNT Champ. He makes clear that he didn’t want to interfere in the match last week, but wanted to make sure it was a fair fight. Taz interrupts from the backstage. Taz thinks that he doesn’t know them. He was raised on the streets and so were Team Taz. Ricky Starks echoes that. Taz challenges them to take it to the streets. Sting whispers to Darby and Darby seems to accept their challenge.

The Young Bucks are at Kenny’s Jacksonville residence and are met by Michael Nakazawa. Mikey notes he’s in the kitchen. They head that way and the two stumble on an oil painting of a shirtless, jacked Omega and a shirtless, jacked Don Callis.

In comes Don to say he had it commissioned, and The Bucks confront him about last week. He said it was a miscommunication on his headset last week. Kenny’s not here (at his own house). He asks what number they have of his because they changed a bunch of them. Callis wants to talk business with The Bucks and has Marvez escorted away with the camera man (but the camera stays). Callis proposes a check for Kenny’s friendship. Bucks aren’t pleased. Where was Don during the hard times? Here’s the reality: The Bucks are holding him back a bit. Kenny is too nice to do this to him. Matt throws his check back at him. Don calls them blood suckers. The Bucks advance on him and Don steps in front of the camera and yells. We cut back to Daily’s Place.


“Pretty” Peter Avalon vs. Cody Rhodes (with Arn Anderson)

Peter sneers at Cody. Bell rings and Cody immediately hits him with a Cross Rhodes. Out comes Jade Cargill. She points at Cody on the stage. Avalon charges at Cody and kicks him in the uprights with the low blow. Avalon attacks the knee of Cody. Strikes and chops. Cody gets back at him and does his patented uppercut. Cody climbs up top and Avalon meets him up there. Superplex by Avalon. Cody favors his knee. The two brawl on the outside. Back in the ring, Avalon hits a suplex and a pin attempt.  Double clothesline and both men are down as we go to picture in picture.

Back from break, Avalon misses a moonsault. Cody goes to leapfrog Avalon, but his leg gets caught on his head. He gets tossed to the outside. Back in the ring, Cody catches Avalon with a cutter and turns the tides towards him. Powerslam to Avalon leads to Cody taking off his belt . He locks in the figure four submission. Avalon turns it over but Cody rolls him back. Cody threatens to slap Peter and that causes him to tap.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes

FTR knows their ranked #1, but they need the belts. In comes Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy comes in and says being in the ring with them taught him a lot, and he challenges one of them to a singles match. Dax Harwood accepts. Luchasaurus makes it known he’ll be ringside to make sure no one meddles in the business. Dax and Jack Perry shake hands. It’s a deal and it’s next week.

Out comes Jon Moxley and he’s in fighting shape folks. We head to break.


Nick Comoroto vs. Jon Moxley

Philly’s own Comoroto and Mox exchange shots. Mox goes after him and he’s on a roll. He leaps at Com, but Com catches him and slams him down. He corners Mox and drives his knee into Mox’s skull. Comoroto gives him a backbreaker. Another and he bends Mox’s back across his knee.

Mox takes a second to bite the face of Com, but Nick gives him a GTS knee drop. He sizes Mox up and charges at him, but runs harshly into the turnbuckle. A brutal series of kicks from Mox. Mox goes for a suplex, but no dice. He uses the ropes to vault Com into a German suplex. He tries to hit Com with a lariat but the big man stands tall. Comoroto picks Mox up and twists him into a sleeper hold. Comoroto drops and the ref calls for the bell.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

Post-match, Mox grabs a mic. Anything can happen on AEW Wednesdays. He can’t keep track who’s in Bullet Club, who’s in IMPACT or whatever it may be. Kenny brought his frat brothers from Nashville, but all he did was give Mox more bones to break. He could bring the whole city of Nashville, Jacksonville, Japan and Mexico, all roads lead through him.

Dasha is backstage with Eddie Kingston. She reveals that he’ll be taking on Lance Archer next week. Eddie looks frustrated, but he’s ready to go he says as The Butcher, Blade and Bunny flank him. In walks Archer with Jake Roberts and the two go back and forth before Jake delivers some final words for Eddie as he readies for next week.

Kenny walks backstage and sees Don Callis who has quite the shiner. Kenny is concerned and wants to know who did this. Marvez asks Callis to clarify and Callis sends him on his way.


Matt Sydal & Top Flight vs. Hardy Party

Dante Martin and Marq Quen shake hands. Top Flight deliver dropkick city on Private Party. A triple leapfrog from TF & Sydal leads to a leg lariat from Sydal. Standing moonsault by Sydal gets a near fall. Quen throws his jacket at Sydal and attacks him. Isiah Kassidy gives some shots to TF on the apron. Top Flight and Sydal roll PP into a multi-person single leg crab as Hardy watches on.

Soon after, Quen hits a highly-elevated splash on Sydal for a two count. Sydal is cornered in Hardy Party’s corner as we head to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, Isiah K. has Sydal in a headlock.  He wrenches back before PP attempts a double suplex, but Matt frees himself and tags in Darrius. He’s on fire. Amazing standing Spanish Fly. Hardy goes for his Twist of Fate but he gets dumped to be dived on by Darrius onto the outside. PP goes for silly string on Darrius, but Dante stops it. He gets a pin attempt on Kassidy. IK sends Dante into Darrius, Hardy hits a Side Effect on both members of Top Flight. He catches a flying Sydal for the same and covers all three: two count.

Quen hits Sydal with a leg strike, but gets devastated, but all three opponents for a near fall. The put him up top but Darrius gets knocked off. Isiah comes in with a chair shot to Dante’s ribs and he falls down in the ring. Quen is surprised but is on page with Isiah and hits his shooting star press for the win.

WINNERS: Hardy Party

Post-match a big argument breaks out and Private Party attacks them and feeds them to Hardy for some Twist of Fates. Hardy Party heelishly celebrate together.

MJF enters Inner Circle’s dressing room with Wardlow. He states that he’s not totally on board with the tag match tonight, but Chris is their leader and let’s make the best effort. Sammy stands up to take his exception with MJF’s boldness. MJF tells Sammy he respects his candor and fearlessness. He goes to fist bump Sammy, but he tells him outright he’s not there yet. MJF accepts that.


Leyla Hirsch vs. Penelope Ford (with Miro & Butler Charles Taylor)

The two go back and forth with some technical work. Penelope kicks Leyla in the knee cap.They trade shots. Charles is advised to trip Leyla and does so. Triangle hold on Penelope’s arm, but it doesn’t work. Leyla is lured outside by Kip and Penelope boots her hard. We cut to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, Leyla gets a near fall on Ford. The two trade hard shots. Penelope goes for a leg strike, but Leyla catches it and hits her with a knees strike. Suplex and then gives her double knee strikes in the corner. Two count. Leyla is on the second rope and Penelope trips her up. Ford goes for an axe strike, but Leyla avoids. She dives onto Charles and Kip. Penelope then gets the pin after Kip holds a leg down for leverage.

WINNER: Penelope Ford

Miro calls Charles over. He tells Charles to tell Orange Cassidy (“George Michael wannabe”) that Miro is his best friend now. Orange stands up and takes off his glasses as Charles reluctantly says such. Miro claps and puts his arm around him as Orange walks off.

Backstage, we see Penta being assaulted by The Good Brothers. Omega joins in on the fray as Penta gets strangled with a cable. Kenny takes off his boot and jabs Penta hard in the eye with it.


Santana & Ortiz vs. MJF & Chris Jericho vs. Sammy/Hager

Sammy Hagar actually gets on air to tip the cap to Sammy/Hager (amazing). MJF and Sammy circle one another. MJF tags in Jericho and “tag team slut” echoes the arena. Jericho goes to hit Sammy in the corner but stops him. Jericho wrenches the arm, Sammy flips and Sammy gets slapped. He returns the message. Corkscrew dropkick and lariats Le Champion right out of the ring.He fakes Jericho out and does his Burt Reynolds Cosmo pose. Jericho grins.

Back in the ring, Sammy catapults Chris into Hager and gets slugged. Near fall and Jericho tags in Santana. He and Ortiz double team Hager and Jericho made a blind tag to Ortiz. Santana and Ortiz double team Chris. Moonsault press gets a close one for Santana and Ortiz. We go to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, Sammy and Jericho trade shots. Tony notes that MJF hasn’t tagged in yet. Hager stomps to motivate Sammy and he gets a tag, so does MJF. He lariats him down and gives him a massive spinebuster from Oklahoma. Sammy comes in with a cutter and Ortiz tags himself in. Sammy takes on Santana Ortiz and soon they take to the skies against their opponents onto the outside. Sammy follows suit. Santana and Ortiz stop Sammy from climbing up top. MJF picks Sammy up for a Doomsday Device but Sammy reverse hurricanranas him. Spanish Fly from Sammy onto Ortiz. Jericho comes in with Flyodd. Jake catches and slugs him. MJF grabs his ring, but Hager slugs him.

Soon after, Jericho hits a Lionsault on Sammy for a near fall. Santana and Ortiz double team Jericho for their own near fall. Codebreaker on Ortiz. He covers, but Ortiz kicks out just at the last second. Ortiz counters with a Double DDT onJericho and MJF. Hager Bomb on MJF. Sammy hits his splash for the near fall, but gets broken up. Sammy hits a GTH on Jericho. He goes to do the same to MJF, but sees Wardlow on the apron, knocks him off, and it allows MJF to roll Sammy up with a handful of tights for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: MJF and Chris Jericho