Alicia Atout
Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Alicia Atout Has No Desire To Be A Wrestler, Prefers The Behind The Scenes Theatrics

MLW’s Alicia Atout was a guest on the latest edition of Talkin’ Sass on VOC Nation where she discussed her start in the music world, transitioning into wrestling, and whether she has aspirations in the ring. In regards to ever stepping in the squared circle for competition, Atout says fans ask, but it’s not something she’s really interested in.

“I get asked all the time (if) I (will) wrestle. Fans all the time will see like a bruise on me and say ‘she’s training finally!’ And I’m like ‘no, I’m just a mess. I just walk into everything.’ It’s never really been an ambition of mine. I literally can’t even somersault, I’m terrified I’m going to break my neck. It’s never really been a passion of mine to actually wrestle. I prefer the theatrics of being behind the scenes,” Atout said, “the one telling the story. I just don’t really care to have that part of it, for me anyway. Of course, I respect everyone who does it… I’ve had to train to take bumps and stuff because we’re working on some things that are really, really cool, but it’s not me in a full on wrestler role.”

Atout also talked about MLW returning to programming, noting how things were all very hush-hush but she’s finally glad to be back and working on camera and on location.

“The last show was (at) a top-secret location, it was really fun though. Being back was amazing; the fact that we finally had new content for people. When your passion is in performing and being out there, and you have to sit on your butt for seven to eight months, that is torture. And the fact that I am Canadian, they hadn’t opened the border until September…when you just feel helpless that you can’t do your job, it sucks.”

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