Roman Reigns: We Don’t Represent Yokozuna With Moves, We Do It By Being The Best Every Week

roman reigns yokozuna
Photo Credit: WWE Network

Roman Reigns pays tribute to his family by being great in the ring.

Reigns posted the following on Twitter in memory of Yokozuna, who will be featured in the series premiere of the new WWE Icons series on Sunday, January 31.

We don’t represent him by the moves we do in the ring. We represent him by being the very best every week. Generation after generation. #TheBloodline

WWE Hall of Famer Yokozuna joins Beth Phoenix, Rob Van Dam, Lex Luger and the British Bulldog as subjects in the WWE Icons biographical docuseries. The series was originally announced in November and it celebrates WWE Superstars who “left an indelible mark on sports-entertainment, with each episode examining the life story of a different WWE Legend or Hall of Famer.”

WWE issued the following preview on the Yokozuna episode:

A member of the famed Anoa’i wrestling dynasty to which Roman Reigns and The Usos also belong, Yokozuna was a dominant force throughout WWE in the 1990s. Weighing 589 pounds in his prime, the two-time WWE Champion was a deceptively athletic super-heavyweight whose size was both a blessing and a curse. Although his massive stature made him a champion inside the ring, the WWE Icons First Look also tells the story of a man who struggled his entire life to get his weight under control.

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