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Peyton Royce On The IIconics Separation: It’s Important That We Find Ourselves

One of the most shocking tag team separations occurred last year when The IIconics disbanded. While the move has been criticized by many fans, Peyton Royce is looking at it as a positive and wants to really find herself as a solo performer in the process.

“I thought at first it was going to be liberating because we had been a team our whole WWE careers,” Royce told Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo. “I absolutely loved our time together but I was looking at the silver lining when it happened. I was like ‘how can I make the best of this opportunity?’ because it is what it is, it’s an opportunity to go out and see what I can do on my own. That happened late last year and I feel like I’m still trying to find my footing on my own.

“Billie [Kay] is my tag team partner, in real life she’s my best friend so to not have her with me even just at work, we work on separate days now, she’s just my support system that I feel like I have lost and I am trying to rebuild that within myself. I am trying not to rely on somebody else for that. So it has been really tough, I am so happy for her, she’s absolutely killing it on Smackdown right now, she’s a comedic genius and she’s just thriving. And I hope that I can get there too.”

“You have to trust the process and trust your vision,” said Royce. “You just have to trust yourself that you’re taking steps to what you want to present to be on your own for the WWE Universe, they are a very passionate fanbase which I absolutely love. So every Monday and every Friday evening we always get the tweets, ‘oh you should put the IIconics back together,’ hopefully one day we’ll be able to do that but right now I think it’s important for our careers that we try to find ourselves on our own.

Despite the separation Royce still keeps in close contact with her former tag partner.

“We text every single day, we train together at nights, we still go to the ring training together. We still do catch-ups, last week we went out for lunch together, we were training together last night, we’ve been texting this morning. There’s no stopping us, like you cannot get in between Billie and I.”

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