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Bill Eadie (aka Demolition Ax) Gives Health Update After Testing Positive For COVID-19

Bill Eadie says he’s feeling much better after a recent bout with COVID-19.

Eadie, best known to wrestling fans as Demolition‘s Ax, was a guest this week on ’80s Wrestling: The Podcast. Eadie gave fans an update on how he was doing after he contracted the coronavirus earlier this month and said he’s feeling “1000% better” after getting treated for it.

“I want to thank the fans because I was the recipient of so many nice texts and phone calls and communications from fans, emails, and I want to thank each and every one of them for their well-wishes and their prayers for my family. My grandson contracted it when he went back to college [in-person] in one of his labs, and he passed it on. He was gracious enough to give it to my wife and I, but it’s a gift that we really didn’t want. I still have a residue dry cough, but I got some medication and about three days into it, I felt 1000% better,” Eadie said, “so I want to thank all of you and the fans, everybody that sent their wishes and their prayers, it was graciously accepted.”

Eadie went on to describe his family’s respective symptoms throughout the ordeal and noted they were pretty fortunate considering some of their friends ended up being hospitalized and had it much worse than them.

“I had aches and pains, which I normally have anyway, but these were an exception. I had a dry cough, which I still have,” Eadie explained, “but I didn’t have any loss of taste or smell, anything like that. My wife had dizzy spells and aches and pains, my grandson had nasal congestion, so everybody was different. [I] took some Mucinex and got some [other] medication through a doctor. Thank God we weren’t allowed to take the vaccine because we tested positive, you can’t take that for a period of time, but it was a tough 4-5 days.”

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Earlier this month, TMart Productions’ Martin Damato announced Eadie would not be making his scheduled appearance at a virtual signing event due to experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Some bad news to report.

Unfortunately Demolition signing will not take place this Saturday.

I just got a call from Bill and his oldest Grandson had contacted Covid last week and now Bill and his wife are feeling sick with symptoms.

Let’s all send our prayers to one of the nicest guys you can ever meet Bill Eadie and is family as they deal with Covid..

Bill said once he is better him and Barry will make the trip to join the marty party.

Check out the full episode of ’80s Wrestling: The Podcast below: