WWE Royal Rumble Preview: Who Is Winning It All? (WrestleZone Wrap-Up)

In this special round table podcast with a lot of bodyslamming humor and insightful predictions. WresteleZone’s Bill Pritchard, Dominic DeAngelo, Robert DeFelice, and Kevin Kellam cover everything going on with Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble and the massive media move with WWE Network moving to NBC Universal’s Peacock in the United States. How will fans respond to this respond to this shift from the Network as they know it, to what it will be with WWE content a few clicks away from ‘the Office’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’? Who will win the Rumble and set a path for the Super Bowl of wrestling, WrestleMania? Plus what surprises are possibly in store for the Rumble as fans clamor for the annual superstar disruption. If you can’t stream the video, get the WresteleZone Podcast on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, Podcast Addict, and more apps.

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